From TikTok Stage Fright to Going Viral Course


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Go from 'I don't know what to post' to being a total pro! Grow your followers count and start monetizing your account with viral worthy Tiktok content.

When you hear : Create Tiktoks! Film more Reels!

Do you freeze and become overwhelmed at the thought of having to dance in front of a camera?

Or perhaps you get out your phone, get ready to shoot... and draw a massive blank. 

Or maybe you just have NO CLUE where to get started, feel like you're 102 years old, and like you're not cool enough for this sh*t. 

Listen, I get it. Video content on a new platform can be OH SO SCARY...

But the opportunity to grow your account and make sales from Tiktok is absolutely worth it.

So if you're ready to stop dreading content creation or just avoiding Tiktok altogether... and instead bring in more followers and clients with your videos:

You're in the right place.

Understanding TikToks and Reels and the 
basics to filming Tiktoks (what are the buttons, how to use filters, etc)


Viral Tiktoks and marketing principles.
Understanding how to make Tiktoks that are fun AND will bring results.


Content strategy. How to create the perfect Tiktok/Reels content strategy for your brand

Content marketing. Now that you have a strategy, how do you put it into action? 
This is a very hands on module with a step by step guide to filming your first videos

Bonuses. Many fun surprises to help you crush it on Tiktok :)